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                                Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching

“Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching” is an inspiring story about how a young boy’s love for the game of hockey is affected by the pressures placed on him by the adults closest to him in life.

It is a tale that demonstrates the value of love and how a child’s growth and development is enhanced when guided by those who are more concerned about feelings of self-worth than numbers on a scoreboard.

“Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching” attempts to teach that the journey to true peak performance in life flourishes through guidance and education that goes beyond skills, a quality education that effectively uncovers inner strengths and allows these strengths to grow to their greatest potential.

There are many theories and techniques that can be used to teach, coach and educate children; such as strict discipline, tough love, the promotion of tough aggressive behavior, acceptance and love, or a combination of all of these methods.

The value of developing a strong sense of self of self-worth cannot be over-emphasized.

When many people discuss the notion of self-esteem, they are often mistakenly referring to what may be better termed ego-esteem. Gaining short-term feelings of worth through rewards, competition, acquisition of materials, or meaningless praise designed primarily to manipulate behavior, are issues generally related to ego-esteem and not self-esteem. There is a need to focus on the discovery and development of what numerous educators have referred to for centuries as the authentic self; inner qualities that are uniquely and innately yours, as opposed to qualities that you were conditioned to believe you needed to live up to.

It is within this discovery where true self-esteem can be nurtured.
The purpose of this book is my humble attempt to explain how the application of empathic listening, understanding and compassion can help parents achieve greater positive results in guiding their children on their journey through life.

Author: Christopher Michael Meuse

Book Review:

Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching

(previous title, "Does Hockey Love Kids?")
By Brian Medel
Halifax Chronicle Herald

Don Cherry pulls no punches. He dresses like a 19th-century dandy and talks tough about pro hockey. That is why it might be hard to picture Don as a 15 year-old with red eyes, wiping away the tears as he trudges home through the crisp Kingston, Ont. night air after playing the worst junior B game of his life.

“That’s a true story,” Cherry said in a phone interview from his Toronto home. He has seldom told anyone that tale from his youth, but thought it would fit in nicely in the pages of a new children’s book published in Nova Scotia.

Cherry told about events on a snowy evening in Kingston... where he tried too hard and played a lousy game.( Details in book ) Cherry has tried to keep a positive attitude about everything in life ever since.

Cherry rarely allows his name to be used in connection with books, but this time has made an exception.

As a result, Christopher Meuse, a first-time author, has something few others will ever get- accolades from Hockey Night in Canada’s resident curmudgeon.

“ I’ve seen hockey books before, but I’ve never seen one like this that hits the mark as good as his,” said Cherry.

This children’s book is entitled, “Michael's Story” (previous title, "Does Hockey Love Kids?") It’s written from the perspective of a ten -year-old boy and deals with the often intense emotional pressure placed on child hockey players by their parents or coaches.

“ I get about 9,000 offers to be in books and stuff like that and I usually turn them down, but with this one I liked it so well, I said, ‘Let’s go!’ ” Cherry said.

(The book) is a fiction flavored with truisms.

In the book, young Michael loves to play hockey, but things are taking a strange twist. His coach wants him to be more aggressive while his dad wants him to exercise more and give up the junk food he enjoys.

Tony needs someone to talk to and turns to writing Don Cherry a letter.

The star of CBC-TV’s Coach’s Corner responds with a true story from his own youth that changes everything.

Kids must be accepted for who they are and what they can do, on and off the ice. That parents and coaches should not live their lives vicariously through young hockey players is the book’s message.

Cherry agrees. “I’d like to get 50,000 of the books and give them to every parent, that’s what I’d love to do,” he said.

“The only word I can think of is sad, the way (parents) yell at the kids on the ice. You know, they can see the poor kids looking up wondering what’s going on and everything. The book, I think, tells what parents should do- let the kids have fun.”

“I never ever liked parents hollering at kids during a game. I know it’s tough. I had a son playing and you want to yell and scream at them and all that, but it doesn’t do any good at all,” stated Cherry.

The only way to win a hockey game is with a positive attitude, former coach of the Boston Bruins said.

When Meuse wanted to include Cherry, he sent him a fax with the request, which was politely turned down. Undaunted, he (mailed) a portion of the manuscript. Cherry liked what he read and sent back his own reply to the book’s fictional protagonist.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Book Review:

Books That Entertain, Educate

By Ron Barry,
Sports editor and long-time columnist for the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal

It's a story played out in arenas across Canada- a youngster’s love for the game of hockey wavers against the backdrop of overbearing parents, a win-at-all-costs coach and mean words that "opposing" mommies and daddies roll off their tongues with impunity.

"Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching" (previous title, "Does Hockey Love Kids?") is one family's tale of an important lesson learned. Author Christopher Meuse, takes us to a small-town Canada-Saulnierville, Nova Scotia- where a youngster's wish to have fun playing a game he loves is quickly consumed by the collective will of those around him.

They want more-so much more- from the boy that he begins to question the very nature of the beast: Michael knows he loves hockey, but does hockey love kids? He is torn by the puzzle...for many reasons:

* Is it part of the game to endure peer pressure to excel?
* Is it necessary for the game to tear away at the very fabric that bonds a family together?
* Is it part of the game to have a child become the subject of abuse from grown-ups he doesn't even know?
* Is it part of the game for a coach to lose touch with the "real" purpose of team sports?

Of course, any human being knows the correct answers to these questions. Sadly though, all of us can walk into any facility where minor sports are played-any day- and witness this dark side. We all know where it starts-in the stands. When it filters down to the bench, any hope of fun is gone.

Michael needs help, and he calls upon the most famous hockey face of them all- Don Cherry. He writes to Grapes about his problem and gets a reply that fills a young boy's heart with hope. Once his parents read the letter, a wonderful thing happens.

"Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching" is a quick hit that should be required reading for those who find beauty in simple words. It has a message for the millions of kids out there- an easy read for young children.

And, guess what, parents? We could learn something from it too.


Christopher Meuse Writes to Build Self-Esteem in Young Readers


Thursday, 2 November 2017

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars. 

Absolutely Spot On!!!!

“Every hockey mom, hockey dad, hockey coach, hockey player......really, just every person who is involved in any sport should read this book. If I could afford it, I would give a copy to every player and every parent and every coach on my grandson’s teams.” Hockey Grandmother

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

“Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching” is now available for download as e-Book on and  KOBO at the following link:

                                                     The Ride Home

The following links are from the True Sports website. “True Sport is a series of programs and initiatives designed to give people, communities and organizations the means by which to leverage the many benefits of sport from a platform of shared values and principles. Through public consultation, Canadians have told us that they want their sport experience to be based on the values of fairnessexcellenceinclusion and fun.”

Friday, 17 March 2017

Dear Don Cherry: Does Hockey Love Lids?

                                            Canada Book Awards   

"Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching" has been chosen as a Canada Book Award-winner!                                                                    

Review Rating: 5 Stars*****
Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Christopher Meuse's inspirational sports novel for children and adults, “Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching”, is a marvelous cautionary tale that applies to any team or competitive sports that kids get involved in. It's a perfect reminder for parents who may sometimes find themselves venting a week's worth of frustration at work during their son or daughter's Little League soccer or hockey game. And while a talented young athlete may want to be guided and trained for a professional sports career, parents and coaches should always remember that their critical responses and behavior during practice and games can have a devastating impact on how those young athletes feel about themselves and their performance.

“Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching” is a gentle reminder that things can get out of hand sometimes, and it's a good thing to step back and remember what children's sports are all about. This well-written and fun-to-read book addresses an important issue for children, coaches and parents, and it's most highly recommended.                        
                              (5 out of 5 STARS*****)